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They will not be writing to you, but you may dream that they do. Oh, yes: The women from photos in fake Ukrainian marriage agencies agreed for their images to be used in dating scams. They must be exactly the type of ladies you’d like to see as your future wife. Don’t kid yourself: Girls on PPL dating sites know exactly what is going on. They don’t feel it’s real, unless you show your face on Skype (which should match your photos in the profile by age and looks), and then start planning a visit.

At first, when “typing slaves” find out what their jobs entail, they are put off… You can sit at home typing on your i Pad while watching TV, and it doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you keep the illusion for the men. They won’t even want to talk to you, unless you have a photo in your profile (which they carefully read, to find out whether you are the type of man they’d like to meet).

There are authors that make money writing for chat bots.

Since the truth about PPL (pay per letter) dating sites came out, both in English and through the mainstream Russian media, their management tries to convince users that they perform “scam checks” and remove profiles that are “not real”, or if women are no longer interested.

Double standard shows unfair treatment of people and not treating everybody on the same ground.

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PPL sites constantly make as if they are trying to “catch” scammers (typing slaves-substitutes).He is also offered to meet other women from the same “honest marriage agency”.Media reports in Russian: Otherwise, these women do exist. By the same token, you can imagine that you are writing letters to Victoria Secret angels Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill, for example. But real women, as I keep saying, do not wish to correspond for months — or even weeks.Without “translators” — there is no need for a “third wheel” on a romantic date.If a man decides to visit, the girl in photos will be called for the date with the man, in the presence of a “translator” (the “typing slave” assigned to her profile).

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