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Look out for her body language, is she doing that each time you look, or is she giving you an occasional glance, now and then?If her body language looks good, then go for it, otherwise maybe she’s just swatting flies with her hair. If she’s already in the middle of a conversation with you, then smile each time she does that and say, “Gosh, you look so beautiful when you do that thing with your hair…” or something along those lines.She compliments you all the time Women generally don’t compliment men a lot, not at least once they’re past their school years.So if you find that there’s one special lady who compliments you, your shirt, your tie, your shoes, or just plain you, all the time, there’s probably something sweet brewing in her mind, and you might just like that. If she’s got a crush on you, her compliments may go beyond the regular ones, and go personal.Whisper it if you think she’s going to be fine with that much intimacy between both of you.Not only will it make your relationship a lot more intimate, it’ll also keep it exciting.

Especially with a friend or colleague, you should never push your luck so far that things could get extremely uncomfortable between you guys.It could just be the first sign, and it may not be a rock hard reason, but it could be a start in figuring if there’s something more than just friends on her mind.When she’s with you, does she lean in a bit too close, or does she look at no one but you, when there’s a group meeting? And if she does have a cushy spot for you, then you’d see that she just wouldn’t be able to take her eyes off you when you’re making a presentation or making a point in front of others.Girls love flirting subtly, so keep your eyes peeled![Read: How to kiss a friend and get away with it] She does that thing with her hair Men are such suckers for beautiful hair.

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