Will updating iphone lock it

And because it's the most frequently used app on i OS, most people will consider it the biggest upgrade because it can do truly fun things.I'll definitely overuse the full-screen effects and abuse the SLAM!and Invisible Ink animations until the novelty wears off.But I'll be sending stickers and GIFs and wacky hand-drawn notes forever. ) and the Tapback emoji that let you answer without sending a message, make the app feel smarter than ever.you on the lockscreen, because it's where you'll want to be. Swipe it left to right, and everything you can do appears.

To my mind, widgets are the best thing about Android.to drive yourself crazy, have someone tweak a setting or two on your phone.Nothing major, just remap a gesture or swap a homescreen icon.I spent my first hour unlearning things I've done for a decade.There are lots of small changes in Apple's mobile OS, and plenty of big ones, too.

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