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Jolie is a dead ringer for the dark queen, even without visual enhancements; and the mental leap from Temple, tiny and ethereal in a dinky lilac vintage dress before me, to a bonkers, teenage pixie is small.She’s like a sprite in beaten-up biker boots; and she says she feels an affinity to fairies too."I think she's very diverse and I think she's a character actress.Just to work with her in itself was worthwhile, but to work on a movie that was very original and kind of fresh, it was a really good opportunity." A source confirmed to Us in January that Angarano and Temple, 23, were dating after meeting on the set of the fantasy thriller last year.Wearing a red top, black pants and a necklace she designed for her jewelry collection Mattlin Era, stopped in at the French Market Flee Market where she bought some art work before heading back to her hotel.As Juno Temple and I sit outside at Los Angeles’ Burbank studios to discuss her role in Disney’s Maleficent, a crow swoops down like a dark shadow over us and lands, menacingly, on our table, its black iridescent wings outstretched.“I had this imaginary world where fairies were my friends.If you told six year-old Juno that she’d one day play a Disney fairy, she’d totally freak out,” she enthuses at an alarming speed, her Somerset-bred accent now submerged in thick, twangy Los Angelino (she has been a city resident since 2008).

"It was a very special movie in that sense." Temple also gushed to Us about how much she loved working with Angarano. He's such an extraordinary actor, someone that just feels like he's from a different era," she said.

"We were literally in the middle of upstate New York in the middle of July.

There wasn't a lot to do," Angarano explained of filming.

She has played a 12-year-old Texan trailer trash girl whose virginity is offered as collateral to a hitman in Killer Joe; a stripper-cum-sex worker in Afternoon Delight; a lesbian lycanthrope in Jack and Diane; a schizophrenic insomniac in Magic Magic; and the murdered girlfriend of a man with Satanic powers, played by Daniel Radcliffe, in Horns out later this year.

That’s more edgy, challenging roles than most actresses take on in a lifetime.

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