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He wasn't plucked from obscurity with dreams of filling some sort of leading-man void, only to be chewed up and spit back out by Hollywood.

Instead, it was his father, Freddie Prinze Sr., who was plucked from obscurity with hopes of fame.

' I felt like I accomplished everything that I went to L. to accomplish."In retrospect, it was also a coda for the acting career of Freddie Prinze Jr.

When Prinze and Gellar welcomed their first child, daughter Charlotte Grace, in 2009, he suddenly felt called to a new vocation. "I wanted to cook breakfast and dinner for my kids every day.". *A quick note on Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Twitch channel: It is mesmerizing.

Forget every memorable gig he's had playing the understatedly sensitive big man on campus—Freddie Prinze Jr.

remembers the day he "kind of stopped" his acting career.

"Nobody in my family could deal with how my father's legacy ended, so I had to at least write one more chapter that was positive.

You can't end the book on that or it's a Shakespearean tragedy. And while his films may never have attracted critical acclaim, think of it this way: Without Freddie Prinze Jr., Sixpence None the Richer wouldn't still be receiving royalty checks for "Kiss Me." In , Chris Evans was introduced to us all by playing the role of Freddie Prinze Jr.

Within a year he was the star of NBC's Eventually, the elder Prinze figured if Ali was going to wail on him, he should learn how to wail back—and began learning martial arts from Steve Mc Queen's legendary trainer Bob Wall.

But he already had one foot out the door by that point. Perhaps it's the cadence of his voice—or maybe the fact that on any given day you can find him talking shit to Turtle from Yet, over the last seven years, Prinze has turned all these hobbies into actual forms of income.

When you're not really doing it for yourself in the first place and you find you've accomplished your goals, he says, "That's when you kind of realize, ' Hey, I don't think I have the passion for this."These days, Freddie Prinze Jr.'s principal interests—outside of parenting, that is—read like a list of hobbies you might find scrawled on a teenage boy's guidance-counselor's-office form. He once told Howard Stern he commonly invests his money in rare and limited-edition comic books.

People have often left him gifts of weed at hotel lobbies, just because they assume he's a stoner.

But he's also ardent and forthright; when people approach him on the street to say how much they love him—and this happened precisely 17.6 seconds after we exited the lobby of his hotel—he responds sincerely, "I appreciate that." Which is why his description of this memory is unsettling at first.

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