Updating apps through itunes from dating to commited

Some users are experiencing trouble installing the i OS 10 software update by way of the Over-the-Air Software Update mechanism.

The problem is not subtle if encountered, the update halts and then displays a “Connect to i Tunes” screen similar to recovery mode, preventing the update from going further.

If your Apple Watch gets stuck or freezes when updating, make sure the device is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network and try again. Contact Apple Support, visit their official forum or bring your Apple Watch to the Genius Bar.

When you backup your i Phone using i Cloud or i Tunes, your i Phone backup includes your Apple Watch data.

I need to download an update for one of my i Phone apps but it is larger than 10mb in size so I can't do it over edge.

I would like to download the update via itunes but how do I find the update on i Tunes? if you sync the i Phone in the i Tunes library that you want to use to update, updating your apps is very easy.

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Update: Apple has apparently fixed the problem with the OTA update.Some users who restore the effected i Phone or i Pad through i Tunes discover the device is being downgraded to i OS 9.3.5, rather than updating to i OS 10.If this happens, it may be a good idea to stay on i OS 9.3.5 for a while until the trouble with the i OS 10 update is resolved, or use i Tunes to install the i OS 10 update instead of the on-device OTA mechanism.If your device is still stuck on the i Tunes logo screen, proceed with the restore or update process with i Tunes as recommended.If you experience the “connect to i Tunes” problem, i OS 10 update has failed and you will need to use i Tunes to fix the issue.

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