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The HK speed dating site just uses your profile info.Then, you get to talk with actual Hong Kong women for a short time period.I love it because I meet great Hong Kong singles that I might not have contacted just based on their profiles.If you’re a white guy living in Hong Kong, you could go to a speed-dating event for free where Asian women pay 00 HKD (or over 0 CAD) to meet you.I wonder if she’s thinking, “I hope meeting this man will be worth half my month’s rent”?It’s no mystery that Westerners are associated with wealth and status in Hong Kong and Asia.O Luxe is a distributor of watches and jewellery that’s in the midst of acquiring Japan’s GLM, a maker of electric sports cars with plans to license its technology to manufacturers including those in China.Sales of electric vehicles have surged in the world’s largest car market on the back of generous state support, prompting global manufacturers to boost their lineups of non-emission cars.

I recently noticed a lot of Hong Kong speed dating sites and was confused by this new trend in online dating.

Vivaldi International and TCL Industries are the other two investors subscribing for a total of 570.3 million shares in O Luxe.

In addition, Ocean Dynasty and Vivaldi agreed to buy 234 million existing shares of the company, Hong Kong-based O Luxe said in a separate filing Monday.

The race to sell more EVs looks set to heat up further after China said Sept.

9 that it would set a deadline for automakers to end sales of vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

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