Sites with adult home cams

This pair used this nest site during their first nesting attempt in 2015.

Pairs will sometimes use the same nest year after year but other times they will move the precise nest location within their territory from year to year.

Does the parent look after the young bird after it leaves the nest? What information do you have about the birds on the camera? If they were raised in captivity and released are they all related? This is their third nesting attempt together but they have yet to successfully fledge a chick. Since 1983, every known condor has been assigned a studbook number in chronological order. A studbook is an important tool in scientifically managing populations of threatened and endangered animals and is updated annually to reflect new hatches, deaths, transfers, and releases. Upon hatch, every condor is assigned a number which acts as a way to identify each individual.Some microtrash was present in the bird’s stomach but was unlikely to have contributed to the bird’s death.2015: On September 17th, the inquisitive nestling, #793, was exploring the far reaches of the narrow chute that is the entrance to the nest cavity when it slid down and out of view of the camera.

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