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NEW BRUNSWICK — In a dramatic day of testimony in the landmark spying case, M. “There was a camera lens glancing directly at me.” Later, under cross-examination, M. said he didn’t mention the camera to Clementi and only remembered what he had seen later, when it became relevant. With the emergence of the unnamed witness, this was the most anticipated day of the trial so far. Throughout direct examination by First Assistant Prosecutor Julia Mc Clure, M. walked the court through his relationship with Clementi, detailing how they met and publicly revealing their Sept. He also described their three dates in Clementi’s dorm room and the behavior of those around them.

B., the prosecution’s unnamed star witness, said that while having sex with Tyler Clementi in a Rutgers University dormitory during one of their three meetings, he noticed a webcam peering at Clementi’s bed. “I just noticed it because I happened to glance over,” M. “There was no thoughts that somebody might be watching me,” he said. In an interview with reporters outside the courtroom during a lunch break, M.

[Chorus 1] The State of Florida has asked us to Disclose our sexual crimes to you We were bad, but now we're good We're moving into your neighbourhood You know we're trying our best to be Functioning member of society We're not here to start trouble We're legally required to do the "Sex Offender Shuffle" [Verse 1: Larry Arthauer] I'm Larry Arthauer and I'll refrain From touching my neighbor's kid's again What I did was not too kind But I'm a nice guy, you'll come to find I've got a backyard and a real nice pool Y'all should come over for a BBQ We could make some cold drinks in my blender But do keep in mind that I'm a sex offender [Verse 2: Vernon Douglas] Vernon Douglas is my name My battery arrest is what brought me fame But there's much more to know about me I love to dance and I love to ski I zip and zoom on through the snow Just strap on my boots and watch me go But I can't ski until December Till then, I'm just a sex offender [Verse 3: Charles Dolling] I'm Charles Dolling, dropping rhymes I've been arrested seven times I know that sounds like a lot But three of those times were for vandalism I feel real bad, I got caught I might do it again, probably not I'm not here to make pretences I'm here because of my sex offences [Verse 4: Sam Pound] I'm Sam Pound, I'm number one Apologising for what I've done Case you’re wondering what that was I snuck into a bathroom and fisted my Cuz I held her down and watched her struggle Then played with her melons because I like to juggle I’m not here to eat eats those truffles I'm just here to do the sex offender shuffle [Sax solo] [Verse 5: Laura Hughes] Hey everybody I'm Laura Hughes Proving girls can do it too And by it, I mean touch your cousin Was it worth it?

STOCKHOLM (AP) — A Swedish prosecutor has demanded 10 years in prison for a man accused of coercing teenagers in Canada, Britain and the United States to perform sexual acts in front of webcams by threatening them or their families.

B., who has been identified only by his initials because he does not want his identity known, has spoken publicly. Even though he didn’t believe the camera was on, M. testified about feeling uneasy in the dormitory after that visit of Sept. 21, indicating he might have been wondering if he and Clementi were victims of an inside joke.

19, when Ravi turned on his webcam from a friend’s laptop. 22, 2010, by jumping off the George Washington Bridge after the alleged spying was uncovered, sparking worldwide dialogue on cyber-bullying and harassment of gay teenagers. “There will be a lot of people knocking on his door, continuing to invade his privacy." Through testimony and comments by Pompelio, some details about M. have emerged: He is unmarried and 32 years old, having met Clementi at age 30. 19, he was not clean-shaven and came directly from work. The 41-year-old defendant is accused of online sexual offenses against 27 children, and had threatened to post photos of them on porn sites or kill relatives unless they performed sexual acts as he watched in Sweden.In Sweden, rape doesn't have to involve intercourse. B., said on the witness stand, in the hours preceeding the Sept. "To get to be intimate, we had talked about going to hotels," M. said, but Clementi had already spoken to his roommate about him coming over, he added. “We were there to be intimate with each other, so I’m sure the windows weren’t open." He added, "Our intentions were to get intimate and we wanted privacy." They texted each other, M.

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