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Maybe "learn as you do" works for some people but since it was a one-off beginner's lesson I would have expected a little bit more than just a quick overview.

The instructors also had some sort of weird competitive "I know more than you do" vibe going on which was weird but they were super fun and nice so no worries about that.

Parking There is parking on nearby streets, but may be difficult to find a spot. The skipper and first mate - Rebecca and Sasha - were super nice, friendly and fun.

But this was more like a brief excursion than an actual class.

Please make sure that you are signing up to the correct location.

I’m not sure where they had found the sack of five million pound coins, but somewhere in the intervening four years they had apparently lost it.

When he and Russell Brand made those prank calls to the actor Andrew Sachs, in 2008, my BBC One chat show was in the graveyard shift on Monday evenings.

Save to Wish List" class="ui salmon inverted fluid button add-to-wishlist course-3732" wishlist-type="wishlist_button" location="Open Course Page Top Right" is Show Heart="" data-js="add-to-wishlist" data-course-id="3732" data-js-wishlist-type="wishlist_button" data-location="Open Course Page Top Right" href="//" During the lesson, students will learn how to steer, how to control the sails, the different parts of the boat, and a few basic maneuvers.

This workshop is perfect for people new to the sport.

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