Mandating education

(Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming and the District of Columbia still do not.) And 37 now require that those standards be implemented, up from 14 in 1998.

Over the last two years, New York and Illinois added new standards that include personal finance, and Washington has new legislation that calls for personal finance standards to be taught, while Wyoming dropped the requirement, for a net gain of two. C., now include economics in their K–12 standard curriculum, up from 39 in 1998. C., require those standards be implemented by the districts, compared with 28 in 1998.

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Forty-five states now include personal finance in their K–12 standards, up from 21 in 1998."These classes are designed to demystify money management; to give students a basic vocabulary to make good choices," said Morrison.By Cameron Pipkin Maybe we learned more in preschool than we remember. “High-quality preschool for at least two years has been found to close as much as half the achievement gap,” the study’s brief reads.As I’ve mentioned on this blog, my memories of non-mandatory preschool are limited to a swing set and “my dad can beat up your dad” disputes. That doesn’t mean that non-mandatory preschool wasn’t important, though, at least according to a study recently released by the National Education Policy Center (NEPC) and authored by Dr. “Such preschool participation is also associated with a wide range of more positive adult outcomes, including less drug use, less welfare dependency, higher graduation rates, higher college attendance, and higher employment.” But the brief doesn’t stop there.It goes on to make policy recommendations based upon study results.

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