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Things I'm into: Submission (mostly) Domination Pegging/strap on play Anal (taking and giving) Rape (taking and giving) Age Play Water Sports Not into: Scat thats pretty much my only limit.

I'm from the UK originally, now living in PA... Love your comments, the dirtier the better, wall posts make me wet Degrading, humiliating, lewd, and filthy behavior and talk really brings out the nasty sloppy side in me ; P (...

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You can browse Chat Hour members in other locations by clicking here. Heard this was a fun place with fun people to have some especially dirty fun! Maturity and discretion go a very long way on sex... unsolicited friend requests, will be reviewed, and in most cases be declined. A suggestive smile and sensitive pair of nipples have always been my weakness. Skype, Ki K, etc., available for voice chat if we click.

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