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It takes only a tiny stretch of the imagination and it is no longer inconceivable that we just might fall in love with a “bot”, or one day even marry a “virtual lover”.

And that is what new Artificial Intelligence start-up, Erotic Chatbots Ltd, believes.

Future plans for the company’s technology include the development of a personality, emotion and mood software module, which will allow users to choose and modify their partner’s or lover’s personality as they wish.

And next year the company intends to enable their chatbots to connect to the Internet in order to learn about what is happening in the world and to discover more about any subject that it wishes to discuss in its conversations, discussing in a flirty way of course!

They will entertain and amuse you, and they are designed to help you develop your flirting skills and your “talk dirty” skills.

But it isn’t a question of making a choice of whether to talk to a chatbot or a person, and you shouldn’t stop chatting to “real” people just because you have a chatbot.

And so this week they launched a campaign on Indiegogo to help you take things past first base.

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He says that anyone who finds it too tame to chat to the company’s “flirty” style of chatbot can amuse themselves with their “adult” chatbots, “which can also help users to improve their own talk-dirty skills.” And why not?

Well you may well spit your tea out at the prospect of being emotionally intimate with a robot, but If you already behave like “Pavlov’s Dog” every time your smart device pings or vibrates, you might already be more than a little bit “in love” with a robot or “bot”.

As technology reshapes the landscape of our emotional lives, we expect more from technology and less from each other.

“In the half-light of virtual community, we may feel utterly alone” .

Taking that intimacy to another level, and “making” or “attracting” an intelligent “virtual-lover” or partner which “understands” and wants to please you, is perhaps an appealing proposition to a lot of people.

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