Dating in greek culture

Don’t be surprised at being asked personal questions, even on short acquaintance, or having your personal space invaded.

On the other hand, you’re also likely to be invited to people’s houses, often to meet a large extended family.

Though dress codes on the beach are entirely informal, they’re much less so away from the sea; most Greeks will dress up to go out, and not doing so is considered slovenly at the least.

There are quite a number of nudist beaches in remote spots, with plenty of locals enjoying them, but on family beaches, or those close to town or near a church (of which there are many along the Greek coast), even toplessness is often frowned on.

A 1983 law correspondingly limited the use of the dowry.

Whether called a wedding gift or dowry, however, the practice of providing daughters with much of their inheritance at Marriage continues. Parents assume primary responsibility for raising children, assisted by many members of the kindred.

Marriages were commonly arranged by parents until the last few decades.

Both families take an active interest in the groom's potential inheritance and the bride's dowry.

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Tipping is not essential anywhere, though taxi drivers generally expect it from tourists and most service staff are very poorly paid.Civil marriage outside the church has only recently been allowed.Divorce is permitted by both law and religion, and, since 1982, it can be granted through common consent.Men and women generally marry in their mid-to late twenties.Postmarital residence is normally neolocal with respect to the actual house or apartment, although some couples reside temporarily with either the bride's or groom's parents.

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