Dating a man whose parents are divorced

If a person is comfortable with being raised in a single parent home, he won't have a problem raising his children in that kind of environment either. WHO LOVE TO PUT OTHERS DOWN TO MAKE HIM OR HERSELF FEEL BETTER.

2) History repeats itself.3) A person who has divorced parents is more likely accept divorce as an option when they encounter hardships in their marriage.

I'll speak to him abt his opinion on his parent's breakup.

I'll also ask him if he has learnt anyfin/ lesson frm it. If u judge a person by their parent's mistakes,then u are not better off than them.

It is critically important that fathers continue to offer emotional and financial support to their sons after divorce.

Boys often mask their emotions in order to appear manly.

I'll also ask him if he has learnt anyfin/ lesson frm it. Most people in such situation learn a great deal from it and work to better their own relationships.

Dn't be surprised he'll end up being smarter than his parents and avoid making the same mistakes they did! My Dad, for e.g, is from a divorced home but he promised himself that he wont bequeath such legacy to his children. Besides you get the added advantage of being with someone who knows what pitfalls to avoid in a relationship. My parents got separated when I was just 4 years old. I will celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary cum Nov 15th.

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Your attitude is also an important factor in how your son adjusts to divorce.

Men are far more likely than women to maintain their standard of living after a divorce, while women (who still tend to have custody of children) find that their economic level falls significantly.

Moving to neighborhoods and schools that are less safe and stable may account for some of the problems boys have in the aftermath of a divorce.

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/ How To Date, Marry & Fit Into The Life Of An Educated Professional Man / Women And Regret: When There Marry Someone Thinking He Is Rich(photo) (1) (2) (3) (4) I am not sure if it's a good idea because: 1) People are a product of their environment. ESPECIALLY WHERE THE ABANDONED ROLE-MODELS WHERE NEVER AROUND TO TEACH THEM SELF-RESPECT AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS?

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