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In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, ISIS is encouraging its followers to use a popular chat application that can make text messages effectively invisible to government spies.A day after claiming responsibility for the attack, ISIS posted a message on one of its websites—which had been moved to the so-called Dark Web—encouraging its followers to download the app, called Telegram, which also allows users to set their message to self-destruct after a certain period of time.Brennan seemed to give voice publicly to what dozens of his colleagues have argued privately: that a chain of events starting with the Snowden leaks in 2013 has worked against their efforts to stop terrorist attacks.Following the disclosures, some European governments moved to enact stricter data protection rules seen as a bulwark against American surveillance.Surfacing connected users' idleness greatly enhances the chat user experience but further compounds the problem of keeping presence information up-to-date.Each Facebook Chat user now needs to be notified whenever one of his/her friends (a) takes an action such as sending a chat message or loads a Facebook page (if tracking idleness via a last-active timestamp) or (b) transitions between idleness states (if representing idleness as a state machine with states like "idle-for-1-minute", "idle-for-2-minutes", "idle-for-5-minutes", "idle-for-10-minutes", etc.).Somewhere in that mix are an unknown number of jihadists, and, ISIS hopes, more to come.Of course, there could also be drug dealers, gangsters, and other assorted criminals.

The result of running out of Apache processes over the entire Facebook web tier is not pretty, nor is the dynamic configuration of the Apache process limits enjoyable.One of the things I like most about working at Facebook is the ability to launch products that are (almost) immediately used by millions of people.Unlike a three-guys-in-a-garage startup, we don't have the luxury of scaling out infrastructure to keep pace with user growth; when your feature's userbase will go from 0 to 70 million practically overnight, scalability has to be baked in from the start.The company says that Telegram has no connections to the Russian government. Durov may have been trying to frustrate the Russians, who are waging their own war against Islamist militants. And, it turns out, the Iranians, who this week arrested administrators of more than 20 Telegram groups, accusing of them of spreading “immoral” content, Reuters reported.Smartphone messaging apps are popular among Iranian youth, who compose the majority of the country’s population, and Iranian hardliners have been cracking down on potential subversion as the country opens up more to the West with the lifting of economic sanctions.

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