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If the baby is latched on poorly (just on the nipple, without areola in his mouth too), it will most definitely hurt.

Further, when a baby is latched well, he will be able to remove colostrum from the breast much more easily than if he has a poor latch.

Additionally, when your baby is close, you'll notice that he's cueing and be able to help him latch before he begins to cry.

It's easier for both mom and baby to latch well, when baby is calm.

Eleana answered your questions on our facebook fan page.

Below a summary of all your real breastfeeding questions plus, real advice from Elena.

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Thousands of women and moms from all around the world tune in to chat with Cat & Nat in real time.As part of our series of live Facebook chats with our favorite breastfeeding experts in celebration of Breastfeeding Awarness Month, we chatted with certified lactation consultant, Elena Vogel.She answered your questions about what's in store for you and your newborn in those first 48 hours of nursing—and how to make sure breastfeeding gets off on the right, er, breast, for both you and your baby.If it hurts when baby is sucking, get help with your latch, right away!Watch our video with Corky Harvery from The Pump Station for our step-by-step guide

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