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3)Does this all depend on the physical server(performance) and what will be the expense?There are some limitations on the number of socket that a single S. can handle, but it is possible to scale between different nodes. If you choose the right architecture and scale it horizontally there is potentially no problem handling also millions of concurrent users and thousand of users on the same room.With the newest update, Java blocks programs which it deems are unsafe. I don't know how I got around and changed settings in Java to let me in the chat room. But the room has always been empty since all my friends from here on FB can't get in since before today too. I play card games on Yahoo and NEVER have had Java issues on there, but yet CSN seems to continually plagued by Java issues for so many members wanting to use the chatroom and has had them since I started coming here in 2010. Are you able to send me a screenshot or copy and paste the message you're getting so I can send it to IT?My team is developing a java-socket programming with push notifications based realtime chat application for android and ios. But there are a few questions that are worthy to be answered before scaling the application. Please help if you know anyone of the answers and thankyou in advance.1)Is java based socket programming scalable for a billion users? A socket is only a system to move data between a client to a server.To have an idea on how much simultaneous connections a server can handle read this article: In 2011 Whats App achieved 1 million established tcp sessions on a single machine with memory and cpu to spare.In 2012 that was pushed to over 2 million tcp connections.

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