Cancer survivor dating sites

“The stories in the book The Cancer Survivors Club will attest that everyone has the ability to be tenacious,” says Andrea.

You’re a better person It sounds utterly bizarre but most survivors wouldn’t go back and undo their cancer.

“I now understand different people deal with situations differently.”You can learn confidence Confidence isn’t something you either have or you don’t have; it can grow out of situations where you have no choice but to push on.Now, 24 years later, he’s still alive and well – and passionate about giving hope that there’s life after cancer.Two years ago he set up The Cancer Survivors Club website to collect other survivors’ stories, which have now been published in his book.Fitness feels good Amanda Baird ran the 5k Race for Life two weeks after her last dose of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer.In the five years since she has taken part in a triathlon and the London to Brighton bike ride. Live in the moment Cancer survivors understand they must savour life.

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