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Someone not too intense, certainly not someone shallow, someone to just enjoy life with... I won't be here forever, but I'm on a mission to fulfill a financial goal, so I'll be here for a bit, which sucks..these dating sites seem to bring out the military wives...which I am not interested in and am not. :) I have a car in Manchester and some belongings in storage.

Showing her his Star of David necklace, Mr Greene added: “I’m sorry but Manchester was the last straw for me.” He was later arrested and pled guilty to racist breach of the peace at Lanark Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Nikola Stewart has ordered reports into the incident.

Manchester may be a modern city, but its residents still have time for love.

Manchester's favourite love story is the classic Romeo and Juliet, according to a recent survey - showing the city's residents have a softer side.

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