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says he was “floored” when his girlfriend of one month, Ashlan Gorse, said she wanted to swim with great white sharks for her upcoming 30th birthday.

“I didn’t expect that,” Philippe, 36, tells PEOPLE. ’ ” The conservationist, who is the grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, wed Gorse, now 35, in 2012, and the duo have had many more adventures since that memorable swim.

Maybe it’s a pollution or maybe it’s a government problem,” he says, referencing the water crisis in Flint.

When the couple isn’t working on their water challenge, they’re traveling and learning about the world.

Ashlan Gorse made a name for herself on the red carpet, reporting for E! This past September, the North Carolina native, 33, tied the knot with Philippe Cousteau Jr. I have to say, other than my wedding, it was the most amazing experience I’ve had. Seeing them in the water was a complete out-of-body experience.

She has since left the realm of celebrity journalism to help her husband with Earth Echo International, an environmental-education organization. A: When I turned 30, I decided to go great white shark diving.

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“One of the biggest challenges that we face is that water doesn’t just come from your tap – it comes from somewhere,” he says.

Married: Philippe Cousteau and Ashlan Gorse, late last month in a small ceremony in France.

Cousteau, 33, is a member of the legendary ocean-exploring family and environmental activist who runs a D. Tropez, the couple made their first appearance in Washington as newlyweds on Thursday at the Newseum, for the launch for Cousteau’s Earth Echo Expeditions program, an educational initiative that teaches kids about water preservation.

It was followed by a Christian ceremony at a chateau close to Versailles, in front of about 60 friends and family members.

In 2010, environmental activist Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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