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The operation initially targeted trafficking in stolen property and corruption of prestigious businessmen, but was later converted to a public corruption investigation.

The FBI, aided by the Justice Department and a convicted con-man, videotaped politicians accepting bribes from a fraudulent Arabian company in return for various political favors.

In exchange for monetary kickbacks, Errichetti told the sheikhs' representatives "I'll give you Atlantic City." Errichetti helped to recruit several government officials and United States congressmen who were willing to grant political favors in exchange for monetary bribes (originally 0,000 but then reduced to ,000).

The two-year investigation was directed from the FBI's office in Hauppauge, New York, and was under the supervision of Assistant Director Neil J.They were facing a prison sentence at the time and in exchange for their help, the FBI agreed to let them out on probation.Weinberg, supervised by the FBI, created a fake company called Abdul Enterprises in which FBI employees posed as fictional Arab sheikhs led by owners Kambir Abdul Rahman and Yassir Habib, who had millions of dollars to invest in the United States. After being infected with the Alice Tetch virus last season, Lee did some horrible things to the city, including her former fiance, Detective Jim Gordon (Ben Mc Kenzie).Read Full Article On of the live unveiling of the Tesla semi truck, Elon Musk and his company have been tweeting teaser photos of the newest vehicle to be added to the fleet.

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