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If I could not control what my own work was about and stood for, then cartooning meant very little to me.” • Luckily Watterson didn’t quit and took a sabbatical instead.

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Broke, he was forced to move back in with his parents and worked an advertising layout job he hated while he drew comics in his spare time.

The layout was restrictive and the top tier had to be completely disposable because a lot of newspapers would cut it and only run the bottom two tiers in order to save space so they could cram in as many comics (or puzzles, or ads) as they could.

Watterson was sick of the format restraints and wanted more space to experiment and push his storytelling ability so he (with his syndicate’s support) gave newspaper editors a ballsy proposition.

A strip that managed to convey the joy of childhood, absurdity of humanity and power of imagination all through the relationship between a boy and his stuffed tiger.

And most importantly, a strip that was consistently laugh-out-loud funny.

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