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Shared Babes shows you uncensored photos and videos of girlfriends and ex gfs that love taking amateur pics of themselves while getting very fucking nasty.It is also a criminal offence to interfere with nesting swans in any way - they cannot be moved if the location of the nest is inconvenient for whatever reason. In addition to the natural threats they face from foxes, mink & botulism, modern society has added several more such as pollution, vandalism, uncontrolled dogs, fishing-tackle and lead poisoning, as well as unmarked pylons, overhead cables & bridges. Whilst juveniles this is only really possible by veterinary inspection.However, once they have matured (about 4 years old) there is normally a marked difference in size (males are bigger) and, in the case of mute swans, the black fleshy knob at the base of the beak is larger in the male.Is it true that a swan's wing can break your arm? If a wing in full span and velocity were to hit a weak-boned person (such as a child or an elderly person) then it is theoretically possible.In reality it is almost unheard of and is never used as a form of attack as swans are a defensive bird.

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